Provide smart solutions to smart customers using smart devices. Be the global leader in customer value.To create new value, excite and delight our customers through the best products and services. SMS ,Mobile and Internet are the current targeted medium ,device and technology we are focusing.


To deliver the best possible reliable Software solutions & Technical solutions to help our clients. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. To live up to our responsibilities to serve and enhance the communities in which we work and live and the society on which we depend.


Sirajul Muneer A [Chief Executive Officer].
Subodh S L [Technical Officer ].
Arshad Salim T K [Project Lead].
Muhammed Faizal [Chief Financial & Marketing officer].

Board of Investors
Muhammed Nizar.[Founder of the Company]

News and Events

New SMS based application "SMS PatCare" is going to be launched. Nokia showed interest in out latest FlickGet Widget.
Started giving support to integrate new applications with existing ones.
Started a Web Hosting solution.
Creating new advanced communication ,automation and integration software solutions.


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