Software Development

We design customized software solutions in database applications, inventory management, and Client server applications etc. that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Aadhocc Software's are designed to be of high quality, cost effective, scalable and easily maintainable. Our systems are well documented and automate existing business processes.

Hardware Integration

Virtual platforms provide application software developers a head start towards interfacing with the IP and writing essential algorithms. Firmware can be written to interface with the fabric logic and enable the architecture, instruction set, memory, interrupt and important aspects of the design can be solidified prior to freezing the RTL. However, abstract models force developers to maintain separate versions of the firmware code to support both the virtual and hardware platforms. Although interface-modeling software is often employed, early access to hardware provides deterministic results to ensure functionality and verify the development is aligned.

Web Hosting

Weprovides clients high quality and inexpensive Web hosting services that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible globally.Our combination of flexible service options, powerful and reliable servers and reasonable prices help us stay competitive in this ever growing market.

Domain Name Registration

In today's market, there are plenty of options available for Website Domain Registration. We provides with incredibly fast, aggressively secure, and instantly scalable domains at an affordable price. The world today is a smaller place because of the Internet. We do believe that having a presence on the internet helps a business tap areas of a market that that they did not have access to earlier. Our experienced team will help through every step of registering your domain and are always available to provide you with any type of support you might require.

News and Events

New SMS based application "SMS PatCare" is going to be launched. Nokia showed interest in out latest FlickGet Widget.
Started giving support to integrate new applications with existing ones.
Started a Web Hosting solution.
Creating new advanced communication ,automation and integration software solutions.